How Employing a Domestic Staff Can Improve Your Life

In today’s busy world, it’s very difficult to find time to balance family life with work, all whilst trying to maintain a functional and clean home. Fortunately, by employing a domestic staff, you can have the freedom to spend time with your family after a busy day of work without having to worry about taking care of all the mundane household chores that are both time consuming and labour intensive. Hiring a house keeper, cook, and nanny can cost some money, but the benefits gained from doing so can more than make up the difference.Perhaps the most important benefit of hiring a domestic staff is the sheer amount of time it can free up. Maintaining a clean and proper home can take a lot of manual labour and hours of time that you may not have to spend. After a long and busy day at work, the last thing you want to do is to come home to a messy house and have to clean. Instead, you would rather spend your free time with your family or tending to hobbies and interests that you may have. Hiring domestic staff workers like a house keeper can help in this aspect tremendously. Whilst you are at work, the domestic staff can do all of your household chores like vacuuming, mopping, making the beds, laundry, etc. You’ll arrive home to a clean home that is ready for you to enjoy.Another reason to hire a domestic staff for your house is if you’re not proficient in certain areas of household work. For example, if you are not an accomplished cook, you may want to consider hiring a personal chef as part of your domestic staff. This individual will be highly trained in preparing healthy, delicious meals that you can serve to your friends and family. Not only will a personal chef cook meals, but he or she can also take care of the grocery shopping. Maintaining proper nutrition is one of the best ways to ward off obesity and chronic diseases that can reduce the quality of your life and lead to premature death.Finally, if you are new to parenting or if you have several children and are feeling overwhelmed, hiring a nanny as part of your domestic staff can lift some of the burden. Many parents feel guilty about sending their children to a day nursery, most of which are overcrowded and understaffed. Children may not get the one on one attention that they need and deserve in these places during their most formative years. Instead, hiring a nanny can give your child an advantage in life, having been raised and taught by a skilled professional in his or her early years. Nannies can live in your home to help you around the clock, or can be scheduled to work during the day. Some nannies even offer multiple services like cleaning and cooking.

Real Estate Professionals in Singapore

Singapore abounds with experts in the property field. These professionals range from top ranking jobs like estate agents and lawyers to the very bottom but equally professional carpenters, who work together to produce a unique skyline for Singapore.The different property experts in SingaporeThe availability and variety of professionals in Singapore may be analogized to a 13 storey ‘condo’ building with carpenters occupying the first floor, other professionals the 3rd and 12th floors and the topmost level occupied by agents. There are approximately 13 professional classes in the Singapore real estate market.AgentsThe agent is the intermediary between sellers and buyers.The licensing of agents is now vested in the Council of Estate Agents or CEA.An estate agent is a person who assists people in selling or purchasing real estate.LawyersA lawyer is a qualified legal practitioner who becomes a member of the bar upon graduating and acceptance. A lawyer must register with the Justice Ministry.Functions:

Document and review purchases, leases, inspections and appraisals.

Assist in resolving insurance titles and environmental issues.

File and represent lawsuits in court in the event of a disagreement during real estate transactions.

Assist lenders and borrowers in foreclosure proceedings.
Mortgage brokersThere are no special requirements or licensing procedures but an aspiring broker must undergo a training course to qualify as an Accredited Mortgage Consultant.All mortgage brokers must be registered members of the Mortgage and Finance Association.All registered brokers must adhere to an industry Code of Practice which insists upon professionalism, ethical behavior and dedication to work in the interests of borrowers.ArchitectIn Singapore, as in other countries, the architect is an important figure in the pre-construction phase of a real estate project because they:

Provide expert advice on designs and drawings of buildings

Offer suggestions on the most suitable contractors for the job

Develop layout plans for real estate buildings

Inspects and oversees the construction work
BankerA banker must register and obtain a license to operate by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.Bankers do not normally engage with individual clients when dealing in real estate, but prefer to negotiate with licensed firms or aggregators who negotiate with mortgage brokers and submit loans through aggregators.Bankers provide funds to all parties engaged in the purchasing of real estate and also to estate developers and contractors.Surveyor The Singapore Institute of Surveyors and Evaluators represent the local land surveyors, evaluators, property managers, property consultants and real estate agents at the professional level.A surveyor:

Conducts or supervises survey operations

Makes calculations of the survey data

Analyses the data and produces the final production map, plans or charts

Offers recommendations for changes

Acts as a consultant in advising his clients on the best choice of survey schedules, logistics, methods, instrumentation, costs and other aspects of the project
InspectorAn inspector can obtain an operating license from the Ministry of Manpower.An inspector:

Carries out inspections on the structural, mechanical and electrical conditions of real estate

Provides information to the estate agent or buyer on how to identify of the more apparent major flaws that may exist in any given home, building or structure.

An inspection does not facilitate the detection of all flaws, problems or malfunctions that might exist in any given home.
Validation surveyorThe validation surveyor must be licensed by the Singapore Lands Authority.The validation surveyor:

Acts as the accountant for structural engineers, mechanical and electrical engineers and other expert consultants

Helps clients obtain value for their money

Evaluates or appraises interests of a specific nature in real estate at any point in time

The evaluation is based on correct evidence from the market
ContractorIn Singapore, the licensing authority for a contractor is the Singapore Lands Authority.In real estate, a contractor:

Is a person or company who has won a contract to engage in the building of a structure for a client

Engages in the actual construction work

Works with the surveyor and architect to construct and complete the project
DeveloperA developer in Singapore has to be registered with the Singapore Lands Authority.The developer:

Is a person or company that buys land in order to build a structure upon it

Must develop a housing project with more than 4 units

Needs to sources available real estate

Negotiates funds for the execution of a project
Financial AdvisorAll licenses connected with financial services are controlled by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.A financial advisor tries to help clients use their monetary resources in the most efficient manner.AccountantAn accountant is a financial expert whose services are also essential in real estate transactions.An accountant:

Possesses the right knowledge when making business decisions about real estate

Has the ability of assessing tax impacts, which is key to the success of a transaction

Spends a fair portion of time studying, researching, thinking and applying systems, financial measures and tax planning for investors
CarpenterA carpenter in Singapore is generally hired by the contractor and is usually licensed to carry out the actual construction work for a project. The carpenter:Constructs under the advice and supervision of the architect and contractorProperty managerA property manager is a qualified expert who is employed by owners of the real estate.Generally, the property manager:

Looks after real estate investment on behalf of the owners

Documents and evaluates potential tenants for occupying rentals

Collect rents paid by occupiers of rental premises

Negotiates contracts and rental terms on behalf of owners

Arranges for proper maintenance work of the owner’s premises, such as cleaning, plumbing and electrical systems

Moms Return to Online Schools – Starting a New Era

The new Federal Scholarship Grant, that has been proposed by the Government, is a brilliant national solution for low and middle class mothers who couldn’t complete their studies. Teenage mothers face a lot of pressures that usually lead to dropping out of school. Those teenage mothers are usually looking for jobs that would pay them less money, so long as they don’t hold a school degree. The “Moms Return To Online School” initiative, led by America’s Government, is a magic stick that could turn around the lives of thousands of single American mothers.The new educational grant has increased the sum of funds that could be used to finance learning programs. So, eligible teenage mothers can receive educational funds to help them earn their degrees without even having to leave home. The funds are invested in online course fees, printed learning materials and sometimes even internet connection bills.Online learning has been continuously adopted by many learners throughout America. Statistics show that each year there’s a 14% increase in the number of students attending online education programs. More than 4 million Americans are now earning their degrees online. The new federal grant offers single moms the opportunity to participate in online learning programs. Online degrees are rather cheaper than on-campus degrees. Moreover, it would save even more money, as mother won’t have to hire baby sitters.Observers have spotted the better performance of students on online courses, rather than face to face courses. Electronic learning has evolved lately and is more interactive than ever before. Online tutoring has lately attracted many students to online classes that are led by professional tutors. It’s like you’re in a real class; you listen to the tutor’s live lecturing, you can ask questions and even do worksheets with your class mates. These online learning techniques are now available for teenage mothers, thanks to the new Federal Pell Grant.Applying to one of those online programs is rather easy. At the beginning, you have to fill a free application for federal student aid (FAFSA). FAFSA filters out mothers and even fathers who are in need of educational funds. There are many websites that enlist available online degrees, so do some research to find what’s convenient for you. Always try to search for accredited schools and colleges.The new federal fund is digging ways for mothers who are eager to earn a degree that can help them get a better job.