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Building a web site in 24hrs or less may seem impossible to some, but for those who have the knowledge, this is as easy as writing a letter. Building a web site is a learnable skill and once mastered will serve you for life.There is a misconception that building a web site is too difficult for the average guy and you have to be a computer geek. This could not be further from the truth. In fact, it is rather simple once you are shown. Most aspiring internet marketers will stop pursuing their dream, of one day quitting their day job and making a full time living online because they believe this. As a result they won’t bother learning these new skills or they will start and give up to easily, as a result of their frustrations.Finding the right tutorialsThe key is finding the right tutorials and resources that will show you how to build a web site in a clear and concise way without using all the technical jargon. If you come across tutorials that are more technical and confusing than helpful, then the chances are you will give up because you won’t understand the lessons, let alone put them into practice.Some of the best teaching methods I’ve come across are from programs that provide both written and video tutorials. I find videos great because you can always push replay if you don’t quite get it first time round. Now make no mistake mastering anything worthwhile takes time, perseverance and patience. If it was that easy everybody would be doing it right! Once you’ve acquired these new skills however, you will have them for life.Personally I have found the best tutorials are from those writers who have started from the same position you are at now and understand clearly from their own experiences what aspiring internet marketers require to master these web site building skills. They have done the hard yards, learnt the hard way and are willing to help you avoid the same frustrations and mistakes they’ve made.The process of building a web siteClearly there is a step by step process to learning these new skills as there is with learning any other new skill. If the process is clearly outlined with easy to follow steps and provides well written instructions as well as excellent video tutorials, then there is no reason why you can’t build a web site in less than 24 hrs. I know for a fact that you can easily build a professional looking web site in a couple of hours once these skills have been mastered.Now the objective of this writing is to encourage you and to steer you in the right direction, so that you don’t become frustrated and give up. Now a FREE resource on how to build a web site in 24 hrs which I found extremely helpful after fumbling around for 9 months is always a good place to start. Although I have looked at and tried a number of tutorials, this particular resource was the best and easiest to follow by far, with both clearly written easy instructions to follow as well as excellent video tutorials. I would rate these tutorials a 9 out of 10.

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